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File a Provisional Patent

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If you have conceived of an idea and some of the details but perhaps not all and are not necessarily ready to go all out with the full blown patent filing, but are worried that if you wait any longer, someone else might beat you to it, then a provisional patent may be a great choice.

A provisional patent is a more brief summary of your actual full patent that "gets you in line" with the filing date of the provisional patent without having to file the full patent just yet. In fact, you have 1 year from the filing date of the provisional patent to file the actual full non-provisional patent, and when you file the non-provisional patent, it will have the effective date of your provisional patent just as if you filed the full non-provisional patent on the date of the provisional patent.

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Mr. Emdadi has over 18 years of experience in intellectual property law practice, including working as a USPTO Examiner, and in private practice working in patent prosecution.